The Amazing Spiderman 2 (Cinema Screening)


Superhero films as a whole have a much harder job impressing me than most other genres, there are several reasons for this.  The fact that I have some knowledge of the characters and storylines from the cartoons or comics etc means that I have expectations about how I want things to play out, basically I think that superhero films have more scope to muck things up.  However on the other side if they pull it off they can and often are some of my all time favourite movies! This was the case with the original reboot, The Amazing Spiderman – I loved it, so this sequel had a lot to live up to.

I had so many worries going into this film, all of which were actually put to ease fairly early on. I was worried that having 3 villains featuring was far too many, I didn’t think enough time would be devoted to each of them. This was dealt with really well, as the main focus was on The Green Goblin and Electro.  The Rhino was simply a lead in to the next installment of the Spidey franchise, I was pleased with this as another villain storyline in all its glory would have been too much. In terms of the Rhino as a villain and how he was portrayed, honestly I’m unsure of what I thought and will have to wait until Spidey 3 to make my final judgement. I was also worried that the Peter Parker and Harry Osborn story would have been rushed, I thought it would have been better to have introduced him in the first movie…wrong again! The way things played out between these two was brilliant and they managed to create a great story arc between the pair in a short time. I was also unsure about Dane DeHaan playing Osborn but he was actually fantastic and was a brilliant Goblin, easily the best villain here and I’m really excited to see where he takes this character.

Gwen Stacy’s death occurs in this movie and the scene in which it happens was done really well, it is just a shame that I was aware of this before seeing the movie as I imagine the effect it would have had on me if I hadn’t of known would have been much greater, still a great sequence though. The action in this outing was great and took a step up from the last movie, probably helped by the nature of the villains.  Electro played by Jamie Foxx was at the centre of many of these and his powers of being able to manipulate electricity were put to good use in creating some unreal action sequences.  In particular the finale was excellent, the initial fight between Spidey and Electro was fantastic and then with the appearance of the Green Goblin it just elevated the sequence to another level.  However despite these great villains and action sequences they are almost a side plot to Parker working out the mystery that lay behind his parents and more specifically his father’s work. The Amazing Spiderman was fantastic in its more subtle sequences in contrast to the big set pieces and this again was the case for the sequel, we get some great scenes seeing Parker trying to make sense of everything and the relationship between him and Aunt May is explored more which I liked!

The cast were fantastic as to be expected, Andrew Garfield is the perfect Spiderman in my opinion he envisions what Spiderman is supposed to be so well and I have nothing but praise for the man! Emma Stone was brilliant as Gwen Stacy and I am really saddened that the franchise has lost her so soon, would a third movie featuring her have been too much to ask? I am also a big Sally Field fan and she again excelled as Aunt May.  I really think that it was a great decision to reboot the Spiderman series and I am confident in saying that the Raimi trilogy doesn’t have a patch on what Marc Webb has created here.

BIGGEST FLAW – The uncertainty caused by The Rhino

BIGGEST ACHIEVEMENT – Dane DeHaan’s portrayal of Harry Osborn/The Green Goblin

Rating – 9/10


10 thoughts on “The Amazing Spiderman 2 (Cinema Screening)

  1. Great review. Wow, that’s pretty strong saying that the Raimi films were not as good as the Webb version. I see what you mean though. I was never a big fan of concentrating on Mary Jane Watson when it was Gwen Stacy, awesomely drawn by John Romita back in the day, that was the center of Parker’s world. Looking forward to seeing this. I was kinda hoping for a Kraven the Hunter/Chameleon storyline.

    • I still liked the Raimi films, I just love Webbs films! I remember enjoying the Raimi films at the time but upon re-watching them they weren’t as good for me. In Webb’s films I think the casting has been done so much better which obviously has a major impact on the overall film. I wouldn’t be so keen on Kraven but possibly the Chameleon although I’d love to see Venom done well unlike in Spidey 3!

      • Thanks for clarifying. I still need to see this one you reviewed, I don’t mind the spoilers since I read the book. Kraven and the Chameleon are supposed to be related, per one Spidey book of long ago.

  2. Interesting review. Honestly I wasn’t in love with the film. There were elements I liked (the acting, Gwen’s death, action scenes and CGI) and then there was stuff I didn’t like (extended romance scenes, pointless inclusion of Rhino, short and shoe-horned Green Goblin). This film was a mixed bag and I still don’t feel the sense of joy and badassery that Spider-Man 2 did for me 10 years ago. This film will split audiences depending on what kinds of fans they are.

    • Usually I’d be with you on the romance side of things but I actually think Webb, Garfield and Stone have been successful in creating the first love story that I actually enjoyed watching! Hopefully be able to see more of the Goblin in the next installment. I would recommend that you see the movie again though as I saw it again and enjoyed it so much more the second time! I am firmly on the side of Webb, but Spiderman 2 was the best of the original trilogy!

  3. I’m just back home from the cinema and the first thing I read is your review — naturally 😉 — and I have to say that I really liked the film. It was so much better than TASM1 on so many levels which you’ve perfectly named. Nice review man.

    • Aw mate that means a lot, cheers! I’m so glad that you enjoyed it, I am undecided still about which one I like better but for the minute I am just settling that they are both awesome and I love Spiderman! Thank you mate!

  4. Completely agree. I loved this movie, and for me this is the definitive Spider-Man so far. Garfield has just captured the character so well, and Webb balances the romance and the action nicely.

    • I have now seen it 3 times, I really do love it! It is quite something as usually I can’t stand romance elements in film but I actually enjoy watching this one! Great movie, thanks for commenting!

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