Transcendence (Cinema Screening)


Transcendence was a movie that managed to escape my film radar for the most part until trailers began to surface about a month ago in the cinema. I am not really a fan of Johnny Depp to start of with so the trailers did little to intrigue me and I thought that it would be average at best, I should have trusted my instincts.

Transcendence was really quite poor, okay so it was very well made I shall give it that and it did look great. However is there much point in a film being made well if the actual storyline is crap? It’s like this, if you watch a film and you love the plot you can excuse maybe some poor acting or dodgey effects, but if the story is rubbish no amount of style is going to be able to save the film – this was the case for Transcendence. There were several reasons as to why I thought this film was just plain boring. The sheer lack of pace was quite something, an hour in I was expecting the film to be rounding off because it had felt like an eternity.  About half way through it does pick up, but not really I just think there was a noticeable change from the first section of the movie which really did just drag on. Unfortunately none of the characters were likeable which meant that I couldn’t connect with the story much and I really didn’t care about the fate of them.  Another factor that contributed to this point was the fact that the first scene in the movie basically tells you how the film is going to end, removing any suspense or intrigue about the finale. Although there was no suspense or intrigue at any point in the film for me either.

I couldn’t make sense of a lot of the film either, and it simply just wasn’t that interesting.  Depp’s character should have become more of a villain, he just wasn’t evil enough or ambitious enough. I wanted to see him go really crazy with the power he had, this would have made for a more exciting film and would have inserted some uncertainty about the ending as not for a second did I doubt that the other characters would be successful in shutting him down. Transcendence could have delivered, it certainly had the cast and the direction to do so it was just unfortunate that it also had such a poor storyline which could only mean that it was doomed from the start.  Only one of a few films from 2014 that I really haven’t enjoyed. Even Morgan Freeman wasn’t able to save this one!

BIGGEST FLAW – It was just so boring, due to the crap storyline


Rating – 4/10


4 thoughts on “Transcendence (Cinema Screening)

  1. Seems like this will be a bad experience for me when I got to see it. I have heard nothing but bad things about this film, that being said I’ll probably give it a watch for the sake of review. Cool review yo.

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