Inside Man (DVD Screening)


My recent run of Dvd viewings has been good – Hostage, Memento and Seven.  Ranging from decent to fantastic I have really enjoyed all of those titles that I have watched recently. Tonight came the turn of Inside Man, another movie that was received well when I said that I was watching it so I was quietly hopeful that I was in for another great movie.

Tonight was the night my great run of dvd viewings sadly came to an end, I just didn’t get Inside Man at all – really didn’t even see the point of it.  Described as ‘an action – packed crime thriller’ I was expecting it to deliver on at least one of these levels.  Now it certainly couldn’t be described as a thriller as I was so disinterested it was unbelievable, so once I had established this I thought I would focus on the ‘action-packed’ part of the description.  Unfortunately I was grossly mislead again as there was a distinct lack of action throughout, like really there was. This film just dragged and dragged, especially the first 90 minutes in which noting really happened.  The last 30 minutes granted does pick up a little pace but hardly enough to make up for the rest of the movie.  The tone of the movie was just very confused, the contrast in scenes was a problem.  The interrogation scenes that ran parallel to the events in the bank had a humorous tone to them at times which directly conflicted the events in the bank and took away from any elements of suspense that could have been achieved here.  The music was another issue that contributed to this problem, it just didn’t seem appropriate and what was the point of the Indian style music featured at both the beginning and ending of this movie, its inclusion just left me baffled.

The plot was so bizarre and it really needed more work for it to have been successful, this could have been achieved but a greater back story would have needed to been developed.  All the performances were fine, but just that – no-one stood out to me.  For the majority of the movie I also had a hard time believing what I was watching, it just seemed so obviously a movie which wasn’t great. In terms of the ‘heist’ part of the movie it was good.  I liked how the robbery played out, now it wasn’t anything spectacular or groundbreaking and it really doesn’t stand out in terms of other movies within this genre but it was probably the best element to this film. I just really struggled to see the point in this movie, all the critical information was revealed at the wrong time and the movie simply just failed to grasp my attention at any time.

BIGGEST FLAW – Frankly just how boring it was

BIGGEST ACHIEVEMENT – Heist element was decent

Rating – 4/10


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