X-Men Days of Future Past (Cinema Screening)


So first we got Captain America The Winter Soldier, which was awesome. Then came The Amazing Spider-man 2, this was also awesome. Can you see a theme developing, yes basically Marvel have just got completely badass for 2014, and this most definitely continues for X-Men Days of Future Past.

Rarely does it happen these days that about 15 minutes in I can firmly decide that I love a movie but this was the case for X-Men, it was just so good. If we just take a moment to appreciate what a fantastic cast it boasts we can begin to understand why this movie was so great; Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence, Hugh Jackman, Ian McKellen too name a few. This great cast were responsible for some superb portrayals of the X-Men. My personal favourite has to be Fassbender as the younger Magneto, he is perfect in this role and makes Magneto one of the coolest villains ever, I would love to see a solo Fassbender movie – he could easily pull this off. The decision to have Wolverine sent back in time was the right one, although this doesn’t necessarily make him the main character it means that there is a good bit of screen time devoted to him, and who doesn’t love Wolverine? Although it was a shame that for the majority of the movie he doesn’t have his adamantium skeleton as he automatically becomes more badass with that.  As per usual Jackman portrays him fantastically and I honestly don’t think anyone else could play him.  The other standout performance for me would have to be Nicholas Hoult as Beast. He was alright in First Class but here with more screen time he really flourishes and was easily one of the most likeable mutants.

What is so good about Days of Future Past is just the way it unites all of the X-Men universe, it brings all the movies that have gone before together in such a wonderful way. The inclusion of a young Stryker was fantastic and brings in the whole aspect of Wolverines story, whilst this was in no way the focus it was a nice addition to this story. We also get parts of the story from the X Mansion and we get to see Cerebro in action again, fans of this franchise will hardly be able to cope with the amount of references and the pure amount of X-Men packed into one movie.  There are so many mutants featured in this movie and they were never going to be able to receive equal screen time, although this can be a shame in one way it was the right decision. The focus is on the right mutants but what is so good is that we do get glimpses of some of our other favourites even if it isn’t for very long. I welcomed the return of Ice Man and Colossus. With every X-Men movie comes new mutants and we are treated to a fantastic introduction to Quicksilver, this was great and a good amount of time was devoted to him.

As much as I loved this movie there were some aspects that well did seem quite convenient. The fact that Shadowcat develops another power of sending people back in time and we never really find out how Professor X came back from the dead. Although I really do not care about these points because the rest of the film was so great! The action scenes were fantastic, some of the best ever seen in X-Men and effectively there were two movies happening at once, two finales – the past and the future. This was so clever as effectively it meant twice the action! What Bryan Singer has basically done here is reboot the X-Men franchise, any film including time travel is best not to over think however it can now be argued that this group of characters can go in any direction as their stories have been re-written. I honestly feel that I can’t do this movie justice with a review, there is still loads more I could talk about but I am so confident that fans of X-Men will not be disappointed and Days of Future Past is easily a contender for the best Marvel movie and even just best movie of 2014.

BIGGEST FLAW – Some plot points were rather convenient

BIGGEST ACHIEVEMENT – How well it brings together the X-Men universe and Fassbender’s Magneto (Everything basically)

Rating -10/10


7 thoughts on “X-Men Days of Future Past (Cinema Screening)

    • Thanks man! Yes, so true – another of its strengths! Went again last night with a few people who hadn’t seen any X-Men movies, now they want to watch all the other ones! Fantastic haha!

  1. SPOILERS. I liked how it all but erased ‘Last’ Stand and ‘X-Men 2,’ but I’m so tired of Singer’s abuse of the comics. He just throws the comic books in the trash and then proceeds to burn them. He has no respect for the source material. Admittedly, the beginning was fantastic, but IMHO, it quickly descended from there. Also, when did Mystique become a main character? I guess when Jennifer Lawrence started playing her?

    I always love Fassy in everything he’s in. He is especially good as Magneto. Oh and Evan Peters was great. I loved all of his scenes. Wish he was in more of the film. Jackman was great as usual as Wolverine. In fact, I think this was Jackman’s best work as Wolverine. He was more relaxed and less angsty.

    Overall I liked the film, but I can’t say that I loved it. It had some major flaws.

    • Thanks for your comments! I can’t really comment on the comics as I have never read them – however I understand how that would be frustrating for someone who does! Are you not a fan of Mystique though, she is such a great character that I think it would have been a shame for her not to be a main character. Yesss Hugh Jackman definitely puts in his best performance here. I honestly did love it! Maybe in time you will come to love it!

  2. Great review yo, totally spot-on. I totally love most of your points about the positive aspects of this film especially with the cast, I really feel like Fassbender has come into his element as young Magneto, he’s so badass and definitely has more McKellen in him now. But in addition to that I love James McAvoy’s performance, he was incredible and SO good due to the nature of what happens to his character. Also Jennifer Lawrence, Hugh Jackman, Nicholas Hoult, Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart are really great in the film too, loved them a lot. I think the reason I loved the film so much is because it feels right, does so many things well with the story and characters and powers and basically rectifies any problems of the past, setting us up for a kick ass future with this series.

    • Yeah, honestly ones of the strongest casts in a film ever! I am not really a fan of James McAvoy but I can’t dispute how good he was in this film. Yeah this is a movie I can’t wait to add to my collection!

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