The Bourne Supremacy (DVD Screening)


So last week saw me kick off the Bourne series with The Bourne Identity, it was a solid action flick and left me eager to explore the rest of the series! Supremacy comes next in the series and I was looking forward to seeing how the story unfolded from the events of the first movie.

This sequel most certainly built on what was achieved in the original movie. It starts with a bang with a great sequence set in India, we get a good car chase which culminates in the death of Marie – this was a great turn for the story and would have been a shock for me but I read the back of the DVD case and this plot point was included in the description! How stupid do the designers of the DVD case have to be to include such a spoiler like that!? It honestly alludes me as to how idiotic you have to be to do that, however it was still a fantastic opening. Bourne as a character is much better in this outing, he is more sure of himself and because of this we get to see a more badass Bourne, he takes no prisoners! Some of my favourite scenes were when he was on the phone to Landy, he was running that show and he was so slick about the whole thing, which I loved! One problem with The Bourne Supremacy was that the viewer knows too much, it is clear who are the good guys and who are the bad – although this in no way ruins the film a little bit of intrigue would have gone a long way here.

Unlike The Bourne Identity, Supremacy has a fantastic high octane finale. The events of the movie see Bourne travel to Moscow and here we get one of the best car chases I have seen in a movie. Karl Urban is a good opponent for Damon in these sequences and I think he was even a little underused, despite this he contributes brilliantly to the whole movie and his efforts in the finale help to create some great scenes. There were some softer moments in the movie too and these complemented the action nicely showing that this series has real depth to it and isn’t just a mindless action flick. Supremacy was shorter than Identity and when it finished I was left wanting more, it did have a short running time and what would have been good was some more combat scenes as the ones featured were great. A couple more scenes like these would have filled any extra time well and would have made Supremacy that little bit better. Anyway it was a jump up from Identity, however I still think Bourne has more to offer and I hope that Damon puts in his best performance in his final film, Ultimatum.

BIGGEST FLAW – Too short

BIGGEST ACHIEVEMENT – Really strong opening scenes and finale

Rating – 8.5/10


4 thoughts on “The Bourne Supremacy (DVD Screening)

  1. I didn’t love this on first viewing – the loss of Marie left the film feeling a little hollow while Greengrass’s direction left me on edge. I really should revisit it, though. Nice review

    • I was not a fan of her character so I didn’t mind at all – in the first I felt that she almost held Bourne back. Yeah like there was definitely room for improvement but still some solid elements in there.

  2. Great review, strange thing about this film when I first saw it, I liked it, however I never thought too much about it and thought it was the weakest in the trilogy. But then upon watching Supremacy again last year I really liked it and and found it to be the most entertaining film in the series. I thought the story and characters were really strong, my only issue is that the shaky camera comes into play in this film and is very messy in the fight scenes.

    • I have to admit I really did notice the shaky camera work here – I rarely do notice it, even when others point it out but it was very obvious here, definitely something I forgot to mention in my review!

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