Transporter 3 (DVD Screening)


It has taken me quite some time to complete my viewing of The Transporter trilogy, after the abysmal effort of the first film I am actually surprised that I continued to pursue this series. Saying that the second outing was a vast improvement however still was quite unmemorable and didn’t really excite me for the final installment although I gave it a watch, and here are my thoughts.

Lets talk about the bad first, and boy was there some bad in this movie. Okay so I mentioned in my review of the first movie how annoying the female lead was, we have a new winner. The character of Valentina was just so unlikeable and is a genuine contender for most irritating film character ever! Of course this movie features the generic love story between the two leads however the nature of Valentina’s character just made this aspect even less believable. Another aspect that I didn’t enjoy was the constant in depth descriptions of restaurant cuisine that ran the whole way through this movie, I just didn’t get it and it is best if we just ignore that whole striptease scene. Oh dear. Anyway it is safe to say that about halfway through the movie I was beginning to think that Transporter 3 was more like the first film in this series than the second, and that was no good thing.

Now the good. Thankfully there was a lot of good in this movie too, I enjoyed the change in concept for this movie, it was quite refreshing. The whole idea in regards to Frank (Jason Statham) not being able to be further than 75 yards from the car was a great plot point and allowed for some unreal action sequences. I also liked the twist that Valentina was the package and not the cargo that he was carrying in the back. The action in this movie was good however was slightly frustrating at points due to the way it was filmed although this changed towards the end of the movie. The last half an hour of the movie really saved it for me and allows me to look past the flaws that I have mentioned above. The sequence on the bridge and then on the train was really good and is the kind of action that I would have liked to have seen throughout however it was so welcomed here and leaves the viewer with a really positive image of the film despite the other issues.

Overall the Transporter trilogy isn’t a fantastic one however it has its moments and I would say that the second two movies are worth a watch but honestly do not waste your time with the first! Without Statham these movies would fall really flat and his presence definitely lifts them, all in all I would say that the films progressively improve and it was nice to finish this trilogy on a high.

BIGGEST FLAW – Immensely irritating female lead

BIGGEST ACHIEVEMENT – Great final third of the movie

Rating – 7.5/10

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