V For Vendetta (DVD Screening)


Another film on my endless list of movies to watch can be scored off! After years of recommendations I finally got round to watching this movie! Immediately to my surprise I found out that this was DC movie, this both excited me and elevated my expectations as if you look at some other DC outings it had a lot to live up to.

V For Vendetta is one of the best movies I have watched on DVD for a long time, I really enjoyed this movie. From the word go I knew that I was going to love it, I didn’t need any convincing I was sold from the start. The beginning of the film is fantastic as so much happens in the first 30 minutes, exactly what you want – no boring back stories or laboured introductions just flat out action and suspense. The action is great and its constant throughout, mixed in with intrigue, mystery and twists round every corner V For Vendetta really has everything you could ever want. A star studded cast also feature and do a really brilliant job, Hugo Weaving as the main man V delivers a strong performance especially whey you consider the fact that you never see his face. Stephen Fry also receives an acting credit here, I am not a fan of him by any stretch of the imagination but here he does well in acting his character as I was able to restrain from becoming annoyed at him, so this deserves praise. Natalie Portman is also superb putting in a stomper of a performance playing easily the most believable character in the movie, but doing it so well. Plus it is always nice to see John Hurt.

V For Vendetta most definitely has political themes running through it but these themes are dealt with so well. Let me explain, I have next to no knowledge of politics but I understood the vast majority of what I saw – this movie works with this theme to enhance its story whilst not alienating its audience, something that I have seen done before. The character of V was pretty awesome, from his demeanor to his fighting skills he was just a joy to watch and something interesting that I haven’t really seen before. The Guy Fawkes mask was brilliant and works so well because one minute it can be chilling and the next it is a symbol for hope – this prop was used so well and the success of it among fans only goes to show how well it was used in the film. It’s a shame that V died at the end of this movie as I would have been more than happy for this film to spawn a sequel however at the same time I really liked the ending and the closure that was given to V. V For Vendetta easily makes its way into one of my favourite movies of all time and I can understand why it is on so many other peoples lists.

BIGGEST FLAW – Struggling to think of one

BIGGEST ACHIEVEMENT – Clever use of themes, especially politics

Rating – 10/10

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