The Bourne Legacy (DVD Screening)



Only this year have I watched the Bourne trilogy and boy what a trilogy it is. Matt Damon was awesome in the lead role and for me each installment of the story surpassed the previous one culminating in a epic finale in Ultimatum. Then comes Legacy, many had warned me about this film and said that it would be better to skip  it. Ever the optimist I carried on with the franchise and gave it a chance, here is what I thought.

What are people’s issues with this film!? I’m baffled, as I really enjoyed it. Now there are definite differences between this installment and Damon’s but that is okay, I don’t think it had to be like the original trilogy. There was so much good about this movie. Firstly I thought the cast did a great job. Jeremy Renner does well in the lead role, of course he doesn’t match the icon Jason Bourne, but he plays a different character so he didn’t have to. I also really enjoyed the brief performance from Oscar Isaac, he is always a joy to watch. Edward Norton was a great on screen presence for heading up the CIA side of things, in my opinion the best at this across all four films. Rachel Weisz does well too, although her character isn’t the best she performs well in this role and for me was better to watch than Marie in the previous films.

Then there is the action, what is on offer here will keep any action junkie happy. It is pretty consistent throughout and there are some great scenes especially at the start of the film and a nice gun fight in a house at about the half way mark. The whole film does have a more ‘Hollywood’ vibe about it compared to the originality that the initial trilogy had. This could be an issue for some people but if you just accept that it is a different style of film than I don’t see why it can’t be enjoyed. However it was really noticeable in the final action sequence as so many aspects of it were maybe just a little bit too convenient. Another aspect that I didn’t think worked so well was the ending. Just like the previous three films just before the credits role Extreme Ways by Moby plays unfortunately it just doesn’t seem right here. I think this aspect should have stayed unique to the trilogy however that is only a very minor issue.

Overall The Bourne Legacy doesn’t have the same weight behind it that the original trilogy does however if it is viewed as what it is, a simple spinoff from a successful franchise I don’t see why it can’t be enjoyed. This way it doesn’t detract from what has been achieved in the previous film and allows for some more kick ass action attached to the story that we love to watch. Not bad at all, give this film a chance and you should be able to find something if not several aspects to enjoy.

BIGGEST FLAW – Final action sequence was too convenient

BIGGEST ACHIEVEMENT – The cast were great to watch

Rating – 8/10



2 thoughts on “The Bourne Legacy (DVD Screening)

  1. Interesting review, I’m surprised you liked this so much considering that you watched the original trilogy of Bourne films so recently. While I didn’t expect the same thing again, this film just left me disappointed more so than anything else. Jeremy Renner’s chaarcter wasn’t nearly as fun, engaging or deep as Jason Bourne and the cast are decent but not nearly as impressive as they are in other films (which I was surprised me when it came to Ed Norton and Rachael Weisz). The action was decent, but nothing mind-blowing, plus it was all shown in the trailers (luckily you never had that problem because you watched it on DVD).

    • Yeah you are right about Renner’s character, however I feel Legacy is more of an all out action flick and for that I think he was great! In terms of the cast I would say they probably have limited material to get stuck into compared to other films but for what they had to work with I thought they did well – yeah luckily I didn’t remember the trailers but I do hate it when they do that. I try to avoid them now!

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