The Purge: Anarchy (Cinema Screening)



I was one of the few film fans who thought that the original Purge movie released last year was actually quite good. I enjoyed the home invasion slant and thought it provided a focus and a tension that can only really be delivered from this kind of setting. Naturally I was really pleased to hear about the sequel that has just been released, and here are my thoughts!

Well firstly I don’t think there has every been a more aptly titled film. Anarchy is the perfect word to describe the events of this film. The complaints from the first film have been addressed and much more of the actual Purge night was shown. This was interesting and it was good to have a different approach from the first film however I have to admit I did prefer the home invasion plot from the first film. To me the fact that the characters were out in the open for a lot of the movie meant that there wasn’t as much tension. There was also a lack of focus and there were two many separate stories meaning that just as you were getting into one the whole focus changed, a result of this was that I could never really get involved unlike the first film. Despite being exposed to more of Purge night, Anarchy wasn’t as scary as the first film. The very first jump scare was great but after that there was little to make you sweat although at times it was a nail bitter.

Now there was way more action in this film, much to the credit of Frank Grillo. This was great and it did change the tone of the film to more of an action/thriller. The character Grillo played, ‘Sergeant’, was the only likeable character though so when any of the others died you really didn’t care. Another issue that Anarchy had was its predictability, right from the start you could see that Sergeant would be changed by the nights events and not go through with the plan he had intended to carry out. However one plot point that I really enjoyed was that of the rich bidding on the captured poor and then hunting them. This scene was done well, apart from one horrendous line that caused laughter in what should have been a very unfunny scene. However that can be forgiven because this whole concept was brilliant and the scenes that followed did deliver. Another element of the story I liked was the police involvement in Purge night, I thought this was a great twist and just adds another aspect of terror to this already horrific situation. After the film ended myself and a friend really did pick it apart and highlighted so many issues, many of which I have already mentioned.

However despite all these issues The Purge: Anarchy was an explicitly entertaining film. I was never bored and the film had great pace, I can see this franchise spawning several more sequels and would love it to become like Final Destination and Scream. The Purge is a great concept and the opportunities are endless. Whilst this sequel should please those who had complaints with the first film I didn’t think it was as strong however, I will definitely be adding it to my DVD collection.

BIGGEST FLAW – Too much going on and not enough focus


Rating – 7.5/10


2 thoughts on “The Purge: Anarchy (Cinema Screening)

  1. A bit better than the first, but still feels like it’s miles and miles away from being the amazing piece of work that it should have been a long time ago. Good review.

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