The Expendables 2 (DVD Screening)



With the third film in this franchise coming out this week I thought I better get a move along with the series and check out what The Expendables 2 had to offer and to see if it made any progress from the first film. Stallone returns with a larger cast that the first film and I do think that this sequel progresses well from the first.

The best thing about The Expendables 2 is almost its worst element too. Its cast is so large that at times it takes away from the action. As there are so many large characters it can be hard to know who to focus on. Action scenes are often so special because they become spectacular because they focus on one hero who comes out on top against all the odds. However here (especially in the first scene) I just think the large numbers made the action a little less impressive. Although saying that it is only a minor flaw and really was only and issues with this one scene. The opening must have featured every element of action possible, this was pretty awesome – if you blinked you would have missed our action heroes move from boat to plane or truck to jet ski! The addition of Liam Hemsworth to the cast was good as even though these action stars are fantastic it’s no secret that they are getting on a bit so Hemsworths youth was a welcome addition, it injected some much needed pace into the movie.

The Action definitely took a step up from the first film in every way possible. I enjoyed the finale so much and unlike the first film it delivered what I wanted. Namely, the worlds three biggest action stars, (Arnie, Stallone and Willis) all fighting alongside each other in a really great scene, swapping catchphrases in between shooting their enemies. This sequel also had a great villain, this role was played by Jean-Claude Van Damme, and how kick ass was he? (Literally). To have this recognisable face from the world of action movies cast as the villain was a clever move and made for some fantastic viewing. However one thing that this sequel didn’t improve on was the CGI, much like the first film it was poor and noticeably fake. A much greater quality of CGI should be being achieved if a credible action movie wants to be created here.

Anyway I really do think an improvement has been made on the first film here, The Expendables 2 was so enjoyable and the changes to the cast worked well. Once you sift through the terrible one liners and the bad CGI there is some decent action there, but I suppose that all of those elements are a part of The Expendables experience. Excited to see what the third film has to offer!

BIGGEST FLAW – Again, poor CGI

BIGGEST ACHIEVEMENT – That scene where Arnie, Stallone and Willis join forces

Rating – 8.5/10


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