Sex Tape (Cinema Screening)



So Sex Tape, what to say about this movie. Well it is certainly topical. These days it seems that a new celebrity sex tape is leaked every few months. Furthermore with the recent hacking scandal regarding ‘the cloud’ the timing of this films release couldn’t be more appropriate. However after this there isn’t really any redeeming qualities to this film. 

So lets begin by addressing the nature of this film, branded as a comedy Sex Tape features any possible laughs in the trailer (even these were never funny) and despite its 94 minute running time I would say that I laughed for no more than 10 seconds in total. On the two occasions when I did feel humored rather than a laugh what resulted was just more of an exhale of air which shows you the level of comedy featured here. The distinct lack of comedy does the film no favours as this is probably the most boring film that I have seen this year, it just failed to hold my interest with most sequences. With a running time as short as it has boredom cannot be excused. The film looks good enough and both of the leads Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel look good for their age (Diaz especially) but I can’t really praise the film for this…well done you got two good enough looking leads. This is literally the positives that I am having to try and come up with here.

In my honest opinion I thought the film was pretty disgusting, there are just some things that don’t need to be made into films. Now at first I didn’t think this, I thought that it could be pretty funny watching Diaz and Segel get their tape back however there was far too much time devoted to their sex lives and the recording of the sex tape before the antics of retrieving it began. I thought this was just unnecessary and if more time and focus had been put into the films events after this a good comedy could have been made. This coupled with the ending of the film where more of the sex tape is shown was just awkward and embarrassing. I found myself wondering why in the world the likes of Diaz and Segel would have wanted to star in this film, I thought it was degrading and I felt embarrassed for the pair, this is one that I bet both will want to remove from their back catalogue in years to come. Thank goodness Jack Black turned up towards the end of a film in a small role. Now that isn’t to say that he was particularly funny or anything however just his very presence lifted the film and drew me back in for a few moments.

Both of the lead actors are a lot better than this film and it is a shame that they are involved, any hopes of a decent comedy were ruined by the beginning of this film and a wrong focus. You might laugh a few times but in comparison to the comedy heavyweights of 2014 (Bad Neighbours and 22 Jump Street) this is an embarrassment.

BIGGEST FLAW – Too much focus on the ‘sex’ side of things, so unnecessary

BIGGEST ACHIEVEMENT – Jack Black popping up for 5 minutes

Rating – 1/10


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