Before I Go To Sleep (Cinema Screening)


I had been thinking to myself recently that in 2014 I have yet to see any really great thrillers, of course I haven’t seen every film out so I may have missed some. The likes of Prisoners from 2013 was such a great thriller and I was missing this kind of film, I suppose The Purge Anarchy came close but it descended more into the action genre. Calvary could be considered a thriller too however I think it was just more of a Drama, it was still great though. So what could fill this thriller gap, enter Before I Go To Sleep.

When I went to see Before I Go To Sleep, it was one of those rare occasions that I new next to nothing about the film, I hadn’t seen any trailers, the only promotion I had seen was the poster which I have included above. All three of these actors caused me to be drawn in and coupled with my mum and sister both having read the book I couldn’t wait to get to the cinema. Well was it any good? Yes it was, I really enjoyed Before I Go To Sleep and it gave me my thriller fix! I was worried that its short running time of around 90 minutes wouldn’t be long enough to build tension but the film had no problems here, I actually think this was the perfect running time, any longer would have been too long. I did think that the first section of the movie was a bit slow moving, I understand that this was necessary to set the scene, give context and introduce characters however it still was slow moving. Efforts were made to combat this though, as the film created an atmosphere of tension from the word go. Whether it was car boots closing or traffic passing by almost any sound could have made you on edge and I loved this, exactly what you want from a thriller.

Anyway things really picked up when what you think is the twist is revealed, I loved this scene as it was crafted so cleverly that it made you believe it up until the next scene, although some doubt still remained which I was impressed about. Mark Strong is almost notorious for playing nasty characters so of course I suspected him for the start. All the cast did a fantastic job and were a joy to watch. I had thought of every possible twist apart from the actual one of course, but again this is exactly what I want from a thriller so was just so pleased. Before I Go To Sleep really showcases Colin Firths acting talents well and I was just so amazed at how he is able to change his character from one extreme to another. Nicole Kidman too was great and she has a chance to evoke many different emotions which she does well. The film ends with a great struggle between Kidman and Firths characters and you were able to get behind Kidman so much, you were just willing her to escape, it was fantastic! This was only one of some great scenes, another highlight for me was when Firth slapped Kidman, this scene actually made me jump and there was just something so haunting about it. The very final scene is slightly drawn out and maybe takes away from some of the atmosphere achieved but it was a good ending so I didn’t mind too much.

Anyway, Before I Go To Sleep is a fantastic thriller. Fans of this genre shouldn’t be disappointed, a brilliant cast put their all into their performances enhancing this film to a superb quality. I have also been informed that it stuck quite close to the book, which will please some!

BIGGEST FLAW – Was slow moving to start


Rating – 9/10


2 thoughts on “Before I Go To Sleep (Cinema Screening)

  1. I’m going to admit that I skimmed your review more than read it because I do want to see this eventually. I’m a huge fan of the book and have been waiting for this adaptation. I’m pretty happy that it turned out good 🙂 Makes it very hopeful!

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