Pride (Cinema Screening)

The-Pride-movie-poster(Spoiler free)

If you had read me the basic plot summary for this film I probably wouldn’t have given much of my attention to it. I suppose this is why trailers are so effective, and that is certainly the case with Pride. As I saw the trailers a few times last week I found myself laughing out loud and strangely intrigued in this film so decided I would give it a chance.

Pride follows the story of LGSM (Lesbians and Gays support the Miners). The film focuses on both of these communities and the similarities between how they are both being treated, I would have to say that the focus does sway closer to the Lesbian and Gay community though. Unfortunately the trailer featured almost all of the comedy that is in the film, this may get people into the cinema but it means when they are there they don’t enjoy the film half as much as they could of. This will forever annoy me and this is one of the worst films for it that I have seen in a while. The evermore common consensus these days is to avoid trailers and I couldn’t agree more as if you have seen the trailer for Pride you have basically seen the film. Whilst the film did have elements of comedy throughout I would say that first and foremost this film is about history. This is an account of the events regarding both of these communities. For me I didn’t think it made for a very interesting film, not a lot happens in the way of drama. If you have an affiliation to either communities I think you will enjoy this film a lot more or if you are a fan of British history. For me it was the comedy element that drew me in and that disappointed. I am sure though in terms of the history Pride has done well, just personally it didn’t interest me so much.

Anyway there is a whole host of great performances on offer here from the likes of Bill Nighy, Imedla Staunton, Paddy Considine, Dominic West and Andrew Scott. The entire cast do a great job and I honestly didn’t think there was a weak link. Andrew Scott’s involvement was appreciated, due to his role as Moriarty in Sherlock (a much loved TV series of mine) I was immediately interested in his character. I am excited to see what other roles Andrew Scott can take on in the future as he has already shown his versatility. The film has so many different characters and it actually does a pretty good job and giving each of them time to develop on screen, some may be frustrated that some elements of particular characters weren’t explored more however I thought that a good balance was achieved. So whilst this film seems to do a good job in terms of portraying an event from history and the cast are fantastic it still didn’t overly appeal to me. This film probably won’t have that wide an appeal but to those that the film will interest I am sure they will really enjoy it.

BIGGEST FLAW – For me, it just wasn’t that interesting


Rating – 7/10


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