Love, Rosie (Cinema Screening)


When will film makers run out of ideas for rom-coms, like really, is this genre not done? It seems not as here we are again with yet another of these films. For the most part rom-coms are pointless, you go through the constant back and forth between the main characters and then reach the inevitable conclusion. Love, Rosie is exactly the same.

Sam Claflin and Lily Collins lead the cast in 2014’s latest rom-com. Both of these leads perform well, unfortunately this is more than can be said for much of the supporting cast. However the poor writing of many of the supporting characters didn’t help. This is a big issue as several characters who play reasonably large parts in this film just simply aren’t believable. Sometimes actors can mask this poor writing however here that wasn’t the case and regrettably it contributes to the films demise. One thing that the film does have going for it is the soundtrack. This seems to be the only solid element to most rom-coms. Here though the use of music really does add towards the benefit of the movie, cleverly selected songs really do pick the film up and combined with certain scenes work really well. Thankfully the film isn’t too soppy as I simply can’t deal with that and for the most part it was a watchable film. Although towards the end of the film the whole thing just becomes so monotonous and you have to ask yourself the question, is it really worth it? Is there any point sitting through a film watching the back and forth between two individuals who are going to arrive at a location that you are already confident of? My answer, no.

The ‘com’ part of the rom-com genre is always debatable and Love, Rosie is no exception. There is one funny moment in this movie and it was just about laugh out loud, to be honest it was the only time I heard anything from the other members of the audience too. Instead of having several gags throughout the film Love, Rosie decides instead to cling to what was already a limited gag in its potential for humor and constantly revisit it. Just like the condom that gets lost in Rosie’s vagina, this film is useless. The title too, makes absolutely no sense, at no point in the film does Rosie write a letter or any alternative and sign her name ‘love, Rosie’. In an actual fact it is Alex who does this, so I just thought this was a lazy decision especially when the book that this film is based on already had a different title.

Love, Rosie is largely watchable however suffers from terrible writing of several characters and a severe lack of laughs. Fans of rom-coms will like it, everyone else won’t. Same old drivel.

BIGGEST FLAW – Poor writing of characters


Rating – 5/10 


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