Interstellar (Cinema Screening)


Interstellar, probably the movie event of the year. Christopher Nolan once again takes up directorial duties in his first film since finishing off The Dark Knight trilogy. This movie has been on the tip of every movie fans tongue for the majority of the year and has always been in the forefront of most film conversations and finally it is here, today the 7th November it has been released to cinemas.

Interstellar is a film unlike any other I have seen before, its scale is simply so grand and awe-inspiring. Interstellar makes last years Gravity seem so small in comparison of scale. This film takes its characters and viewers to places that they have never even imagined before. This film is very spacey, its very sciencey but it is very good. The visuals are unreal, the variety of locations that this film has to offer is wonderful. Whether it is a shot of a far off planet, the surface of a new world or the inside of a black hole you can be sure that it is going to look spectacular. The film has a fantastic cast, Matthew McConaughey was so great as the lead here and despite not being his biggest fan he managed to really draw me into the story and the emotion that it brought throughout as a result of his acting talent. Anne Hathaway is another credit to the cast as she demonstrates some variety to her past performances that I have seen. Jessica Chastain too is able to convey so much emotion and pull so many elements of the story together in her performance to really enhance the film. Interstellar also has a massive treat as far into the story we meet Dr. Mann, who is played by none other than Matt Damon. This was such a great surprise and Damon does well in his role, I’m so happy that his involvement was kept quiet, it was so refreshing to have such a big named actor in the movie but not to know about it, great move Nolan! The entire cast combine to give this film the class it deserves, even if bizarrely Topher Grace shows up for half an hour!

I had heard reports that this film was quite slow-paced, I honestly don’t understand where people have got that comment from. Interstellar has some of the best action sequences I have seen for a film like this in a long time. The sequence involving mountain like waves was fantastic and that was just the beginning of what was to come. For the majority of the film whilst being very heavy on the science side of things you can follow the story with considerable ease however once McConaughey’s character ventures into the black hole things do change. Up until this point I would have said that the film was virtually flawless but with the scenes that follow I was taken out of the film slightly. Nolan fans, if you thought Inception was hard to understand just wait for the last half an hour of this movie. Now, I’m not criticising the movie for being hard to understand, if it wants to be intelligent that is cool however I was taken out of the story slightly because of this. I think this will be the section of the movie that is most heavily debated, I haven’t really made a full judgement on it yet but I imagine with a few re-watches and maybe an explanation I will be able to enjoy the entire movie without feeling disjointed. Despite this, I was still able to engage with the film on its emotional and visual levels so at least amongst all the confusion it was able to keep that.

Interstellar really does have everything you could want in a film though, its story is so ambitious but that is what makes it so good. It takes you out of your own life, most likely further than you’ve ever been before and it is just a joy to watch. Visuals are on point, the action is great, the emotional scenes pack punch and this is all before Matt Damon makes his surprise appearance! I honestly haven’t done the film justice here and its one to experience, rather than just watch.

BIGGEST FLAW – Michael Caine didn’t seem to age at all in 23 years

BIGGEST ACHIEVEMENT – The grand scale of it all

Rating – 9.5/10


6 thoughts on “Interstellar (Cinema Screening)

  1. I remember reading that Matt Damon had been cast in this as was filming an unspecified role, but I’d completely forgotten it so when he turned up I too was pleasantly surprised. The actions of his character were painfully predictable though.

  2. Glad you enjoyed Interstellar as much as I did! I didn’t actually have any issues with the final act like many seem to do (there are explanations about on the ‘net that might clear things up a little). It found it quite intriguing and imaginative.

    You’re right about the ageing of Caine though, he didn’t even change his shirt!

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