Ouija (Cinema Screening)


So just about a month after Halloween I have caught up with the rest of the world and went to see Ouija. I am a wimp when it comes to horror, there is no doubt about that but I do really enjoy this genre. Oculus and Annabelle have entertained me so far in 2014 so could Ouija continue?

Ouija is trashy, it is a teen horror flick drenched in unoriginality and generic jump scares. However am I the only one who kind of loves these films? Much like Final Destination Ouija follows a similar pattern of killing of its characters one by one, with some variation towards the end. I love this set up and genuinely don’t think I will ever tire of it. The scares are all jump ones, there are no psychological moments in this film and as soon as I left the cinema any fear I had also left me. So in terms of horror the film really doesn’t succeed in actually scaring the viewer however I jumped a lot and really enjoyed these moments. I don’t see the point in getting annoyed that it is another rubbish horror movie though, they are almost a genre of themselves and Ouija isn’t actually the worst by a long way. It is highly unoriginal however it’s not bad it just follows the standard teen horror formula, we have seen it before but I still enjoyed my time in the cinema. The fact I was able to watch the entire film though shows you how it wasn’t anywhere near scary enough to compete with its horror rivals, even just for this year.

The film actually has a nice twist which I wasn’t expecting however after this the film just plays out the same way all other spirit horror movies do. The performances weren’t nearly as bad as I was expecting however that isn’t to say that they amount to anything spectacular. Ouija is bound to annoy you if you get irritated easily by idiotic characters, every horror cliche in the book is covered here and you will most likely be shouting at the screen telling them to do the opposite of whatever they are doing, but again though isn’t that part of this genre? The film moves along at a nice pace and never becomes a drag, some scenes do however seem a bit rushed especially later in the movie and the entire set up was just so unrealistic. However amongst all the obvious flaws that Ouija has, I went to see this movie to jump and have a laugh and I did. It is a film that follows the teen horror genre to a tee and it does it well, so whilst unoriginal and unambitious it delivers what it promises, trashy teen horror fun.

BIGGEST FLAW – Some later scenes seemed rushed

BIGGEST ACHIEVEMENT – Follows the teen horror formula well, making for an above average genre addition.

Rating – 6/10


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