The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies (Cinema Screening)


(Spoiler free)

The final film in the epic Middle Earth saga is now released in the cinemas, what a journey it has been. The Hobbit films have been the victim of much criticism due to the three film split and the injection of love stories and characters that weren’t in the book. I’m so against these criticisms, why complain we have got a trilogy instead of one film, we have been treated to much loved characters getting more time on screen and a love story that allows for emotional moments where necessary. The Battle of the Five Armies continues what has been an awesome series so far for Bilbo and company.

This installment is just action, action, action. I would be amazed if there were any complaints about boredom or length of the movie this time as the film just never slows down, I was surprised when the credits rolled at just how little time I thought had passed, I was all set for another hour of action. The action itself is fantastic, there are so many cracker moments that come from this. Whether it is moments in one on one combat sequences or the grander battle scenes the action always impresses. However there was one element of some action scenes that I wasn’t so fond on, there was variation in slow-motion at parts and on occasions a very jittery technique was used which only took me out of the film. One of my only other criticisms would be the whole Alfrid storyline, it received way too much attention. After a couple of scenes of his cowardliness we got the picture and by the third or fourth I did tire of this repetitive character. Although what is one poor character amongst a film with such a variety of wonderful ones? There is such a great selection of characters that have been built up over the films and it was just a pleasure to see them all on screen together again with one new edition who was especially entertaining but I won’t spoil the surprise for you.

With great characters comes a great cast. Honestly if you just take a moment to look at the cast you will ask yourself if it was even possible to make a bad film. Ian McKellen, Benedict Cumberbatch, Luke Evans, Richard Armitage, Cate Blanchett, Orlando Bloom, Martin Freeman and that is only scratching the surface – this is probably the most all-star cast of the year! All of these actors and actresses perform so well and are brilliantly successful in bringing our favourite characters from Middle Earth to life. The film looks great and the setting for many of the scenes combined with the content really is awe inspiring. The Battle of the Five Armies should be a treat for any fan of both the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings as it concludes the brilliant story of the Hobbit and references and sets up the story for the Lord of the Rings. Whilst I don’t think The Battle of the Five Armies quite reaches the brilliance of The Desolation of Smaug last year it is a fitting conclusion to this trilogy and due to the nature of the three film split it can be little else. Peter Jackson has done a magnificent job in directing these films and his quality has not slipped for the final installment.

The Battle of the Five Armies is one of 2014’s best action movies, with a stellar cast to give the picture substance and wonderful direction from Peter Jackson film fans alike should do nothing but enjoy this film. It’s been awesome to have Bilbo in the spotlight for three films and now I can’t help but think any LOTR marathons are now going to be about nine hours longer as the Hobbit trilogy cements itself into the Middle Earth universe and demands attention.

BIGGEST FLAW – Repetitive storyline surrounding Alfrid

BIGGEST ACHIEVEMENT – High quantity and quality of action

Rating – 9/10


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