Survivor (Cinema Screening)

survivor_ver2(spoiler free)

Survivor boasted several elements that certainly got me intrigued and hopeful, a new action movie featuring an ex James Bond and the badass Milla Jovovich coupled with the fact that I hadn’t seen a single trailer or clip! Unfortunately Survivor ended up being quite bland and forgettable.

There isn’t anything really that bad about Survivor it’s all just fairly average. Let’s talk about the leads, firstly we have Milla Jovovich who is probably best known for playing Alice in the Resident Evil series. There was potential with this casting however a poor script really let her down and little character development. Her character here, Kate Abbot, was hardly likeable, I really didn’t care enough about her to ever become concerned. Opposite Jovovich is Pierce Brosnan, the 007 who brought several of my favourite Bond movies to life. However, more recently he has been embracing his age with films more geared towards the older generation whether that be Mamma Mia or The Love Punch. I was happy to see Brosnan getting back to the action genre its just a shame that again the film just wasn’t very good and did his character, Nash, no favours! I found it somewhat difficult to view his character as one of the world’s most deadliest assassins. Some help from the costume department was needed, a bit of hair dye wouldn’t have gone a miss as dear old Pierce, was looking well just that – old! What was that disappearing and reappearing mustache about as well, it didn’t help things. Thankfully he can still convincingly hold a silenced gun and walk into rooms because that is all he really got to do here.

The film has pace, it just about maintains the attention of the viewer for the entirety of its run time. There are some action sequences included but better set pieces needed to be included that would build suspense and excitement. Instead what we get is a copycat Skyfall tube chase scene and a Times Square sequence that took me back to last years The Amazing Spider-Man 2! The action is much like the rest of the film, fine. The story isn’t anything special either, its fairly predictable from the get go and it never really develops which is a shame because a stronger story could have the elevated the film into something more. There were a few nice moments littered throughout the film, on a couple of occasions when Nash puts down the silenced pistol he flexes his action muscles but any time he does its over way too soon.

Survivor doesn’t really boast anything too memorable or noteworthy, I almost wish it had of gone down the trashy action route and been a mindless ninety minutes at the cinema. Instead it chooses to try and remain credible, which I do respect, however as a result of this the whole film simply ended up being rather dull.

Rating – 5.5/10


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