Gods of Egypt


(spoiler free)

Ever since the posters started to appear for ‘Gods of Egypt’ it was fairly obvious that this was going to be a bad movie. The US release confirmed this with terrible reviews, really giving the film a hard time. I had hopes that this film would at least be fun in a ‘it’s so bad it’s good’ kind of way but everything leading up to its release was telling me otherwise.

Well as was expected there was a lot wrong with this film. The element that came across worst for me was the CGI. There is CGI used throughout the film in a wide range of ways, a lot of the settings weren’t real, some characters too but it was mainly used in the action sequences. It never comes off very well and as a result this film isn’t a nice one to look at. The CGI stunts the flow of much of the action and it only contributes negatively to the quality of the film as a whole. The script was a close second in terms of poorly executed aspects for ‘Gods of Egypt’. The dialogue would have characters giving dramatic speeches and then only moments later spurting ridiculous one-liners or lazy attempts at humour. The cast really have an up hill battle here and as a result many don’t fare so well with their performances. When Gerard Butler’s character, Set, speaks for the first time you wonder if he made any attempt to cover up his natural accent but hey Scotland and Ancient Egypt aren’t so different…

So as expected ‘Gods of Egypt’ is a truly awful film, easily one of the worst made for release this year. However, there is a but. I actually still managed to really enjoy it. Yes the CGI is woeful, the script is laughable and the performances are average at best but it’s been a while since a film so bad has been so enjoyable. The pure ridiculous nature of the narrative kicks in right from the start and within minutes we have gods transforming into mythical creatures and fighting to the death. Now are these fights particularly well crafted, no, but something about just how bonkers everything was really clicked with me and I got on board very easily. The film is a long one too, it breaks the two hour barrier but I was never bored. The action is pretty much non-stop and there are many sequences which are a lot of fun. It’s a fast paced film and for every conversation between characters there is an accompanying over the top adventure scene.  Butler really worked in this over the top atmosphere as the larger than life villain and it seemed like he was having fun with the role. There is a very playful vibe to the whole film thanks to the outrageous action and many of the mad characters and I just couldn’t get enough of it.

So whilst this is a film that many of the cast and probably a lot of audiences will want to forget I somehow had a blast with ‘Gods of Egypt’. The film fails in so many levels but for me it always managed to stay entertaining. The pure madness of everything felt quite refreshing amongst todays cinema which is full of biopics, true stories and remakes/reboots. ‘God’s of Egypt’ is big dumb popcorn fun and I’d happily sit through it all again!

Rating – 6/10

Question: What do you think has been the worst film of 2016 so far?
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9 thoughts on “Gods of Egypt

  1. Loved this film! We’ve needed a good new so-bad-it’s-good film and this one really is sooooo bad! Already pre-ordered the bluray hahaha!

    • Yes mate, so glad I’m not the only one who enjoyed it! I had so much fun the whole way through and was kinda gutted when it was over haha. I can’t wait for the dvd haha, tbh one of the best times I’ve had at the cinema this year.

      • The moment I found out that the white Egyptian God movie would have a spaceship with bald Sun God Geoffrey Rush on it, I knew this would be special XD.

  2. There really hasn’t been a real good Mythology/fantasy film since they started rebooting the genre with CGI. The Clash of the Titans remake had some good parts but fell short when it came to Medusa. Percy Jackson was ok, but the second one was terrible. I’ve seen a few others but they were so lackluster I can’t even remember them.

    • Aww no, I’m surprised at the amount of folks who haven’t had any fun with it. I completely agree with you about Point Break though, its probably going to be my worst film of 2016!

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