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I’ve never been a massive fan of the original ‘Ghostbusters’ movies and I didn’t grow up with them so there is zero nostalgia attached to them for me either. Maybe this is why I wasn’t so against this all female remake, I was actually really for it. As I’m not so much of a fan I suppose I can’t really understand the controversy surrounding the movie but even still it’s all been a bit much. I went into this movie wanting to have a good time and hoping, and expecting, for it to surpass the quality of the original movie.

The main cast are all very talented ladies. Melissa McCarthy & Kristen Wiig are both hilarious comedic actresses when given the right material and have proven chemistry. Alongside them star Kate McKinnon & Leslie Jones, two actresses who I hadn’t heard of until now. Despite this they fit into the mix of actresses easily and the four main characters are played well by the cast. Chris Hemsworth also stars as the receptionist, Kevin. He’s good in his role too. However what overshadows the performances for me had to be the lack of humour in the script, there was nowhere near enough. Hemsworth gets the best gag early on in the film featured in his interview scene but from then on there is little to get the audience laughing. The odd line of dialogue does get a laugh but these are largely from references to popular culture rather than original comedy ideas. The film isn’t unfunny but the cast aren’t used to their full potential due to the lack of further comedy included in the script. As was announced in the build up to the film many of the original cast members signed on for cameos in this remake, unfortunately nearly all of these seem forced and they usually aren’t funny either. If you’re looking for a slightly spooky but also funny family film I’d maybe try ‘Goosebumps’ which came out earlier this year. 

The film’s opening sequence concludes with the original theme song playing over the action which immediately gave the film a sense of fun and pace. This gave me hope for what was to come but it’s a shame that the film replaces the original theme song for a new version by Fall Out Boy and Missy Elliot which just doesn’t compare and robs certain sequences of the fun that they could have had with the original song. I really wasn’t a fan of much of the design for the film as well, all the ghosts were very disappointing and I didn’t find much to be visually appealing. That being said I did think the suits, car and blasters looked sweet. It wasn’t all bad though, I thought that the film actually did warrant its 3D format, as it was some of the most effective use of this  I’ve seen in a while. Also as far as remakes go this was fairly decent. It has many nods to the previous films but it never relies on them too heavily. The film wasn’t afraid to make changes and thankfully it doesn’t play out in the exact same fashion as the first film so in that respect I could see reason for the remake.

However, these few positives can’t make up for what was a largely disappointing film. Remember this is coming from someone who was looking forward to this remake too. There isn’t all that bad in the movie there is just so much that could have been done better. Higher quality design, more comedy and sticking with the original theme song would have improved this remake. Thanks to the cast you’ll probably still manage to have a good time with ‘Ghostbusters’ but I can’t say that it’s much good and it certainly doesn’t surpass the original.

Rating – 5/10

Question: Which ‘Ghostbusters’ movie is your favourite, original, sequel or remake?
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6 thoughts on “Ghostbusters

  1. Sounds like we enjoyed it a bit more than you! Like you, I’m not particularly attached to the original but I’m also not a huge fan of Mellisa McCarthy or Paul Feig – I’ve not really enjoyed anything they’ve done. So I guess I couldn’t have had lower expectations going in, which meant I was pleasantly surprised with a generally fun but ultimately generic film.

    Agree with you on pretty much everything – really didn’t like the Ghost CGI stuff and I also found the constant references to the original a bit jarring. Nice review!

    • Yeah so far I think my review has been the most negative of the ones I would usually read. I suppose my expectations were a little higher but I really did find the whole thing a little bit ‘meh’. Cheers man, enjoyed reading yours too, especially that first paragraph haha.

  2. I definitely liked it a bit more than you but I agree with everything you’re saying. I was really impressed with how restrained Melissa McCarthy was as I usually don’t like her crazier comedy. I thought McKinnon needed to be a little more restrained though. I also enjoyed the cameos but I think that’s because I was going in for a more relaxed and fun film instead of anything too substantial if that makes any sense. I kind of thought of this film as more of a tribute to the original than a remake which I didn’t mind.

    Even still, I did feel a little disappointed when I couldn’t help but compare things to the original.

    • Yeah I think out of most people’s reviews I would usually read I’ve had the least fun with it. I agree with you about Kate McKinnon, I thought she performed her character well but it was the character that needed edited slightly.

  3. I enjoyed it and thought it was quite good. Though it did struggle for consistent laughs the jokes that landed were solid and the cast made good use of the script on offer. With those visuals it definitely warrants a 3D release (and I hate 3D).

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