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Just last month Matthew McConaughey failed to impress in the first animated movie of the year, ‘Sing’. However, he’s back already in mining drama, ‘Gold’. The film is loosely based on the true story of mining company Bre-X and their search for gold in the jungles of Indonesia. Released in the midst of a season where little gold statues are coveted by all in the film industry could ‘Gold’ prove to be of any real value?

This film has a lot of ground to make up from the beginning. Mining isn’t the most riveting of subjects for a film. On top of this, when business, stock and shares are brought into the equation you’re left with something more at home on the 10 o’clock news than on a cinema screen. If that kind of thing interests you then you might enjoy ‘Gold’. Although if like me those things don’t sound like entertaining viewing you will no doubt find this film boring as hell. Like is the case with many films dealing with such subjects on occasions it’s easy to get lost in the various jargon present. There aren’t any scenes of Margot Robbie in a bathtub explaining things either, viewers are left to connect the dots themselves at times. As a result of all this the film feels very long whilst in reality it only comes to the fairly standard two hour mark. There are peaks and troughs in this narrative and at times your interest may be spiked. The final act of the movie salvages a little, but this may possibly be simply because it’s clear that a conclusion is drawing near. That is despite the false endings that the narrative alludes to on occasion.

The performances make up slightly for the lacking narrative. Saying that though, the characters they play are unlikable and uninteresting which only further alienates audiences from engagement. McConaughey shows his commitment to the role through the drastic change in his physical appearance. Alongside this he does perform convincingly but the issues surrounding the characters and story are too much for him to combat. Joining McConaughey in this dull affair are the likes of  Édgar Ramírez, Bryce Dallas Howard, Corey Stoll & Toby Kebbell. All of whom perform adequately but they are plagued with the same issues that have come before. 

Ultimately ‘Gold’ isn’t worth seeking out at all. The story is limited in how much it can interest it’s audiences. With a poorly told narrative stretched over two hours it’s no surprise that this is the most boring film of the year so far. It’s a shame for the cast who both seem passionate for the project and perform well. Performances won’t save this one though, it looks like the McConaughey comeback, or ‘McConaissance’ is well and truly over.

Rating – 4/10

Question: What is your favourite Matthew McConaughey film?
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