The Time of Their Lives


(spoiler free)

‘The Time of Their Lives’ stars Joan Collins as a washed up movie star from yesteryear. When she receives the news of the death of a film director she has previously worked with she seizes  the opportunity to find a new job. Hoping that all of Hollywood will be attending the funeral she and new partner in crime, Pauline Collins, set out on a road trip to France! 

It’s hard to tell whether Joan Collins is being really self-aware or is as equally desperate as her character here for a film role. The performances from both leading ladies are average at best, however they’re often far below this. The chemistry that this pair should have is almost non-existent. Whilst completely different types of characters this is no excuse for the lack of rapport, countless other films have nailed the odd couple kind of relationship. Unfortunately in ‘The Time of Their Lives’ you just don’t buy their friendship and it leaves you wondering why these ladies would be sharing in each others company. The title of the film doesn’t seem too accurate either, with both characters being miserable for a large portion of the run time you’ll wonder how shite the rest of their years must have been if this two hour adventure really is the time of their lives!

The narrative gets it all wrong too, including far too much drama when it’s comedy that audiences will want. There is a really dark storyline running through the whole film which does nothing but depress the viewers. For this drama to have been effective the performances would have needed to be a hell of a lot better. It’s a shame that the balance of drama to comedy is so poor as there were funny moments in the film. There are two or three genuinely humorous gags which proved the potential for this film to be an all out comedy. Instead the focus on the drama makes for a film with an incredibly slow pace. Furthermore it refuses to end with a lackluster finale which just goes on and on.

‘The Time of Their lives’ certainly won’t be yours if you choose to see it. With weak performances and the wrong focus the film fails to breathe new life into its characters or audiences. The few gags that land make it just about watchable but the dense make-up of some plot points result in the film becoming a rather sombre affair, not something you want in an old-age dramedy. 

Rating – 2/10

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