unforgettbale quD OPTION2

(spoiler free)

With a title like ‘Unforgettable’ it felt like this film was setting itself up for a fall before the opening credits had even begun. However, I was optimistic that this domestic thriller would deliver somewhat in the way that only trashy so bad that they’re good type films can. Starring Rosario Dawson & Katherine Heigl I was ready for whatever ‘Unforgettable’ could throw at me!

The story is as bonkers as you would expect. It’s a strange mix of ‘Catfish’ meets ‘Cape Fear’. It’s ridiculous on many levels but this doesn’t stop the film from being thoroughly entertaining. There is a lot of humour included, intentional or not I’m honestly not sure, but it adds a lot to the experience. This usually came courtesy of Heigl’s ‘psycho barbie’ character, Tessa. This character will be the most over the top, dramatic & savage villain you’ll have seen in some time and she’s kind of brilliant for it! Heigl majorly hams it up here and is the main reason for the film being so entertaining. Rosario Dawson manages to show glimmers of her acting ablily amongst all the cat fights, sexual encounters & restraining orders that fill the narrative. She is likeable enough to fulfill her basic role in the movie but this won’t be a performance she’ll be remembered for.

‘Unforgettable’ is like a lower quality film version of ‘Desperate Housewives’. Heigl’s incredibly camp performance, a change from her usual rom-com typecasting, is the best thing about the film. There are some wonderful one-liners, sneaky character actions & brutal fight sequences all offered up to be enjoyed trusted that audiences don’t take the film too seriously. Trashy bargin bucket film-making at it’s finest. 

Rating – 6/10

Question: What is your favourite ‘so bad that it’s good’ film?
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