The Belko Experiment


(spoiler free)

From the mind that brought ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ to the big screen comes new horror thriller ‘The Belko Experiment’. For any of you who thought you’d had a bad day at the office writer James Gunn is out prove that you ain’t seen nothing yet! With no way out of their office block and a mysterious voice demanding horrors of the workers over the intercom the employees of Belko Industries are forced to enter into a deadly fight for survival.

As you would expect there are a range of different characters present here, as there would be in any office block. We get briefly introduced to quite a number of these in the opening scenes. Whilst there are clearly a variety of personalities held by the different employees none of them are particularly likeable. This isn’t necessarily a problem, and whilst it’s obvious who we’re meant to route for, a few more developed characters could have added to the film.  The performances vary in quality but most serve their purpose and feel appropriate for the B-movie style of the picture. The cast is made up of a whole host of names from TV & film. You’ll be sure to recognise at least somebody with names like; John Gallagher Jr, Josh Brener, John C. McGinley & Michael Rooker involved.

The ensemble cast is far from being the highlight though as the best thing about the film is definitely the concept. Although it’s not wholly original it offers a fresh setting for this kind of film. As well as this watching the morals of characters play out never fails to be interesting. There is a good level of action throughout. The swift transition into the main narrative means that the pace rarely lets up and the level of violence will constantly keep you engaged. Attempts are made at injecting humour amongst this action but they never really succeed. They don’t take anything away from the film but the concept is strong enough by itself to do without them. The film builds well to the initially slightly underwhelming finale however given time to breathe the ending is one of the strongest elements to the film. 

‘The Belko Experiment’ is riotous B-movie fun, with its killer concept and solid execution audiences won’t be disappointed. Sure it could have benefited from slightly more developed characters and not all the comedy lands but these are really minor issues. The ethics of the narrative always make it engaging and will make you think twice about your work colleagues! However it’s the cruel touches such as playing a Spanish version of ‘I Will Survive’ over the opening credits, among others, that make it so enjoyable.

Rating – 8/10

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4 thoughts on “The Belko Experiment

  1. I’m not the biggest fan of horror but I love The Purge series so I’m really excited to catch this one. Doesn’t look like any of my local cinemas will be having it, but your review has encouraged me to go out of my way for it!

    1. I actually described it to my sister as quite like The Purge so you may be on to something! I thought that might be the case, was surprised to see it in my local! I’m sure it will be on VoD soon enough though. Hope you enjoy it whenever you see it.

  2. Cool review yo. I thought this iflm was eally fun and interesting to watch, I liked the concept and was fanscianted to see how things played out. And while certain things I could predict from a ways off, there were some nice surprises. I didn’t really liked the main guy until near the ned of the film, before that I found him a little too annoying and self-righteous, I wish the film had given us several characters to latch onto so at the end we didn’t know who would survive at the end, but as it stands I still had a good session with the film and I would like to see it again.

    1. Thanks mate, yeah films that play about with moral or ethically issues always interest me. I didn’t really like many of the characters, this was probably the biggest issue I had with it. Nonetheless as you say it’s still good fun and I look forward to watching it again!

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