(spoiler free)

I’ll try and keep this review short and sweet; unlike the film itself. I don’t usually like negative reviews because work does go into each and every movie but sometimes there’s almost zero positives.

Client rep Harper (Gillian Jacobs) is given the responsibility of meeting with sangria business folks in Barcelona and she wants to prove herself. Unluckily, her two gal pals force themselves along for a holiday. Whilst partying in Spain, Harper falls for DJ Leo (Richard Madden) and decides to risk her job to follow him to Ibiza.

The very first scene after the title credit is between Harper and her boss Sarah. This office based interaction is painfully unfunny and Sarah reels off curse words and insults to little comedic effect. From this early moment onward, the movie is lacking laughs and almost made wish I was thrashing my skull against a wall.

Jizz-us Christ! Yes, there’s an early gag that has an amusing premise but once the visual joke hits, it’s executed poorly and is so over the top, exactly like Harper’s friend duo who are ridiculously annoying. The apparent moment between Harper and superstar DJ Robb Stark AKA Leo is fleeting and somehow from this we’re meant to believe they’re made for each other and therefore we understand her constant urge to track him down. The fact that their meeting stems from an obvious and juvenile dick joke doesn’t help matters.

This party island set movie comes across more like a Spotify playlist. There’s relentless tunes playing over almost every action we see and the predictable onslaught of ‘Despacito’ doesn’t fit with the majority of the scenes it features on. If only it was Spotify Premium, because interrupting the machine gun fire of songs, are advert-like breaks of badly written dialogue that make me wonder how this is called a comedy.

I guess, as the lustful romance grows between Harper and Leo, there’s a vague charm to their pairing and Jacobs is a real treat to watch in a film that gladly boosts her up to featured name.

Netflix need to slow down on their bombardment of original film releases, because the majority are lacking cinematic quality and do little to make you want to stream something else. ‘Ibiza’ is cringey, stunningly awful stuff so please excuse me while I go watch ‘Kevin and Perry Go Large’ again instead.

Written by Troy Balmayer

Rating – 3.5/10

Question: What’s the worst Netflix Original Film you’ve seen?
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