Unicorn Store

unicorn store

(spoiler free)

Brie Larson has just recently broken the one billion dollar club for her superhero role in ‘Captain Marvel’, but for this new Netflix feature the actress is suiting up as director for the first time. Will ‘Unicorn Store’ be a dream come true to watch though?

Kit (Larson) has always had an arty side but hasn’t managed to see this passion take her out of her parent’s basement and on to better things. After taking a new temp position, Kit receives an invitation to a store that apparently hands out unicorns to a lucky few. As she desperately tries to win the care of this creature, Kit may also have to learn about herself and those around her.

Prepare to glamour vacuum up a healthy dose of what it is like to be a disappointment in life; but told through the sunshine lens of Kit’s manically artistic soul. What this film does do well is capture that aching pain of not knowing exactly who you are and where you stand, which I and I’m sure a lot of millennial folk no doubt feel. It’s a weird film with a semi coming-of-age vibe to it, in the sense it’s appropriate for the late coming of age escape from limbo that a lot of people go through.

Brie Larson tackles her feature film directorial debut with relish and many coats of paint. You can clearly tell she understands who Kit is and through the film you definitely feel like you are entering her mindset. Just from the opening VHS memories of Kit’s childhood, which she seems to endlessly carry through with her in adult life, you gain a great sense of the artistic nature the film will go with. Then you have the zany and whimsical aspect which is sprinkled onto the palette, which may not be for all tastes but at least gives the movie a distinct look.

The really forced drab corporate world of which Kit enters may be over the top in its stiffness; just so we can fully understand what a loose and free spirit she is, but in terms of her transition from these greys, to the first moment she steps into the Unicorn Store, this is a glorious moment of wonder, reminiscent of Dorothy walking into the technicolour land of Oz for the first time. Another highlight that reinforces the sparkly quality provided by this movie, is in a pitch meeting where a spectacle of colours, confetti and pizzazz speak volumes for Kit’s rainbow creativity.

The idea of childish dreaming and her new world of fantasy that opens up may be a really obvious metaphor for her choices going forward in life and whether said ‘unicorn’ can be properly loved and looked after, but whilst this aspect of the story isn’t handled in the best or most subtle way, there is a lovely amount of dreamy charm and head in the clouds innocence to it all.

‘Unicorn Store’ is open for business and even if it feels like a see-saw; not quite keeping a good balance of knowing what tone it wants, Brie Larson’s performance and the magical multicoloured indie mood shine through.

Written by Troy Balmayer

Rating – 6.5/10

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