The Addams Family


(spoiler free)

Oscar Isaac as Gomez, Charlize Theron as Morticia, Bette Midler as Grandma! Sounds like perfect casting for a new Addams Family movie doesn’t it? So we can all be forgiven for feeling a little disappointed that this latest re-imagining takes an animated, rather than live-action form. However, disappointments aside there’s nothing to say that this new film couldn’t be just as good as an animation and it’s perfectly timed for Halloween too. So is ‘The Addams Family’ more trick or treat?

Well the narrative here isn’t anything particularly groundbreaking and those familiar with the characters will feel right at home in no time. The story focuses on the Addams Family home and how it becomes a target for homemaker television host, Margaux Needler, played by Allison Janney. This occurs when Needler discovers that the Addams Family home is a heinous eyesore amongst the views of her most recent picturesque development. Wednesday & Pugsley Addams, played by Chloë Grace Moretz & Finn Wolfhard, also have their own storylines. These showcase the trials of growing up in their parents shadows and under their somewhat narrow-minded expectations. This combination of storylines keeps the pace of the film quick and at a brief eighty seven minutes long ‘The Addams Family’ never overstays its welcome.

The running time is complimented by a screenplay littered with comedy, mainly consisting of one-liners, sight gags and clever hints to other classic films from the horror genre. There’s nothing hysterical here but plenty to bring a smile to even the sourest of bakes this Halloween. The animation itself isn’t as appealing in terms of quality compared to the other animations we’ve seen recently although the more garish designs used do feel completely appropriate for the characters and their story. The voice cast give further life to these characters and as an ensemble quickly impress. Even small supporting characters, or ones that feature in singular scenes have A-list talent behind them and this helps the production abundantly. It’s Allison Janney who maybe has the most fun here though, thanks to her vivacious villainous role. Her performance feels reminiscent of Joan Cusack’s unforgettable turn as the iconic Debbie Jellinsky in ‘Addams Family Values’ .

Ultimately ‘The Addams Family’ ends up being a family reunion more bearable than most! It’s a fun and freakish frolic into the lives of these much loved characters with amusement to be found round most corners. The fantastic cast consistently elevate the quality of the content and the narrative does bring with it several positive, albeit seen before, messages that are always worth reminding ourselves of. With a sequel already announced too it looks like the Addams Family are going to be making themselves comfortable in our cinemas and if you were to do the same this Halloween, you could do a lot worse!

Written by Hamish Calvert


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