One Day at Disney

One day at disneyy

(spoiler free)

Those of us who have subscribed to new streaming platform Disney+ now have plenty more films and TV shows to keep us entertained for the foreseeable future. Whilst many of us will race straight to reliving childhood classics and nostalgia filled television series from yesteryear, yes we’re looking at you X-Men & Spider-Man cartoons, the streaming platform also brings with it a selection of new, original content. These titles include the live-action remake of Lady and the Tramp, the true story of Togo, a heroic sled dog and the documentary One Day at Disney.

This documentary lasts for a duration of one hour, followed by a series of additional short episodes released as an accompanying series. This review will focus solely on the feature documentary. Narrated by Sterling. K Brown the documentary gives audiences an insight into a range of different jobs at Disney, from sculptors & illustrators to performers in The Lion King stage show. It’s a snapshot celebration of all things Disney, encompassing as many different aspects as it can. Fans of Disney will relish the chance to get this more detailed insight into the jobs amongst the varying properties they own and the projects that have been made possible thanks to the continued growth of the company. There should be something for everyone here, whether your interests lie with the original animated films, Pixar, Star Wars or Marvel One Day at Disney has got you covered.

It features interviews with a range of employees including Disney CEO Bob Iger. The documentary spends a short time with each employee and explores the daily requirements of their work, each sharing factual and emotional insights to their time at Disney. It’s really inspiring stuff hearing these individuals discuss the work they do, for many of which is a dream come true. The display of creative talent is quite something and it showcases the extreme range of abilities that make Disney what it is today. Iger suggests that Disney’s job is “manufacturing happiness” and it’s a statement hard to argue with especially when presented with this wave of postivity from its employees. However, this constant stream of individual & company successes & achievements can feel somewhat self-congratulatory on occasion, but I suppose they’ve got the receipts to warrant it. 

Nonetheless, One Day at Disney feels like the perfect place for Disney+ subscribers to begin their viewing. It’s like a menu for all of the fantastic creative content that Disney have produced over the years and are continuing to do so, now available at the touch of a button. Those that enjoy this feature documentary will jump at the chance to further explore the additional short episodes but even for those with no intention of venturing on it’s a worthwhile watch. Ultimately the documentary is at its best when it puts the spotlight on the incredibly talented individuals, whose passion for their work exudes out from them with ease and it’s in these moments that One Day at Disney has the greatest power to inspire. 

Written by Hamish Calvert


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