Iron Man 3 (Cinema Screening)



After Iron Man’s first two outings, this quickly became my favorite Marvel franchise, so I was naturally excited for this next installment. I was interested to see how events in the movie would pan out as this is the first Marvel film to be set after the Avengers.  I enjoyed how they handled this and thought the change in Tony Stark’s usual character was interesting.

However the change in director was evident and I felt that this film didn’t flow as well as the previous 2.  This outing featured much more science fiction that the last 2, personally this didn’t bother me but I could see how it may bother others.  Unfortunately all the big reveals/deaths didn’t have the shock impact or the desired effect for some reason, there just seemed to be a lack of build up to these moments.

One of the best things about Iron Man 3 was the villain – The Mandarin, it was refreshing as he was something that hadn’t seen before.  This was UNTIL it was revealed that he was simply a front for Killian who was a good villain too but needed more development.  It was definitely a mistake not to keep the Mandarin as the main and genuine villain.  However because of this Ben Kingsley did contribute several comical scenes however I don’t think this was worth scrapping the viewers image of the Mandarin up to this point.

Despite this flaws I did still thoroughly enjoy the movie, especially the scene where Iron Man saves the staff of Air Force 1.  In summary this film had great potential but didn’t quite meet it, still very enjoyable though but most definitely the worst of the Iron Man franchise.

BIGGEST FLAW – The destruction of the Mandarins image

BIGGEST ACHIEVEMENT – The Mandarins involvement up until his identity is reveled

Rating – 7/10


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