The Rock (TV Screening)


Any 90’s action flick staring Sean Connery was always going to interest me and I had heard rave reviews of The Rock so when I stumbled upon it on TV I thought I would give it a watch.  I was skeptical at first until Sean Connery appeared on screen but after that the action was non-stop.

The car chase scene was brilliant and had the perfect mix of action, nice cars and humour. The humour was well placed throughout the movie and was a nice addition to the plot. The combat scenes were great and there were so many inventive deaths, most at the hands of Mason, Connery’s character but Nicholas Cage’s character Goodspeed was good too, and the pair worked brilliantly together.

I wasn’t fussed on the initial aspects of Goodspeed’s storyline regarding his relationship but I suppose this was necessary to give him that extra motivation to carry on with the mission later in the film. I just thought at times it was a bit cringe, but I suppose this is Nicolas Cage we are talking about. However I actually did think though he put a good performance in the rest of the movie.

Also loved Ed Harris as the villain, and the different aspects to his personality, I thought it was clever the way throughout the film you could see touches of indecisiveness and then ultimately him deciding against his own plan.  It made a change from the norm which I enjoyed. It was also brilliant that Mason was trained by British Intelligence, it allowed the viewer to remember Connery as Bond, one of the best film characters in movie history.

BIGGEST FLAW – Initial aspects of Goodspeeds story

BIGGEST ACHIEVEMENT – The different aspects of the villains character

Rating – 8/10


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