Pacific Rim (N.I. Cinema Premiere)




I ended up winning tickets to attend this premiere, so me and some mates went along on one of the hottest day of the year so far to watch.  So naturally the cinema was ridiculously warm and at times it was hard to enjoy the film like I normally would, but I tried my best and here are my thoughts.

Firstly I loved the design of the Kaijus (the monsters) each one was different and it was interesting to see new ones emerge from behind buildings throughout the movie, unfortunately the same can’t be said for the Jaegers (the robots) I thought they were quite boring apart from the 4 armed one which needed more screen time.  In my opinion the Jaegers were too slow and stop and start at times.  Since we have already seen the likes of Transformers I found it hard not to compare.  Transformers are so slick and fast moving so I found the Jaegers a little disappointing. I understand that they shouldn’t be directly compared and I imagine that Guillermo del Toro (Writer and Director) will have wanted to avoid similarities but I think they could have been made slightly more agile.

Despite all of that the fight scenes were brilliant, the combination of the monsters and the robots worked really well and the variety of locations was interesting.  However the scenes were quite long and the entire film felt like it could have been 20 minutes shorter although this judgement could have been clouded by the heat!


A Kaiju Attack

The characters weren’t great especially Hermit and Hannibal Chew who I felt made the film naff at times, the movie could have done without these two or at least some changes should have been made to their personalities/image. The best character by far was Newt, his character was well developed and injected humour when needed.  His scenes were the more interesting out of all the dialogue.  I also really liked the plot point he revealed regarding the Dinosaurs being the first wave of Kaijus.

One of my favourite scenes was the flashback Mako had when she first tries to pilot a jaeger.  It was clever and I liked how Raleigh was able to be in this scene as well, it added a bit of depth to the story of the characters instead of just focusing on the main plot, this was good. I will want to see this again when in a normal temperature but I think fans of sci-fi should enjoy this, however I can’t imagine Pacific Rim making any lasting impression, definitely worth a watch though. However don’t waste your time staying after the credits for the final clip, waste of time.

BIGGEST FLAW – Disappointing design of the Jaegers

BIGGEST ACHIEVEMENT – The design of the Kaijus

Rating – 6.5/10


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