Captain Phillips (Cinema Screening)



It’s inevitable that you are going to miss some films each year, and I very nearly missed the cinema run of Captain Phillips.  I already missed Rush in the cinema so didn’t want to miss another very well received film – I was aware of this and knew I was running out of time to see it so I made a point of going to see it.  I knew I was going to enjoy it, and boy what a film it is! I was very impressed.

Tom Hanks is unreal, as usual! If I were a crew member on one of these cargo ships I have decided that Tom Hanks would most definitely be my chosen captain.  Once again the fact that this is a true story adds real weight behind everything and makes the story that bit more powerful. The initial sequence when the pirates approach the ship and eventually board was so good, it was nice to see characters who actually put up a fight and showed initiative.  This whole scenario was highly entertaining and I genuinely didn’t know what was going to happen, it wasn’t predictable which I loved!

Things did slow down slightly when the pirates made off with Captain Phillips in the lifeboat and this scene was possibly a bit too long, however this didn’t really bother me as for hostage situations I think it is sometimes good to draw these scenes out to create the right kind of atmosphere.  This couldn’t really have been achieved if these scenes had been rushed. However the scene that in my opinion should win Tom Hanks an Oscar is that when he is rescued.  The release of emotion that he demonstrates showcased Hanks’ acting talent in full.  His character had kept it together throughout the whole ordeal and had kept a level head for the most part, but it was tough to see him then change so drastically but very effective.  This scene made it worthwhile to draw out the lifeboat scenes.

Now I know that everyone has gone mad for Gravity, stating it’s the film of the year however I feel that Captain Phillips has been greatly overlooked in this respect.  For me it was clearly more entertaining, more gripping and I think there were better performances. Now don’t get me wrong I loved Gravity but I really do think Captain Phillips was better, I suppose time will tell as to how both fare during awards season but both most definitely deserve recognition!

BIGGEST FLAW – Possibly too long  in the lifeboat

BIGGEST ACHIEVEMENT – Hank’s performance especially in that final scene

Captain Phillips is without doubt one of the best films of 2013, between the enthralling plot, the wonderful performances and the great shots of the ships in the ocean it all made for a fantastic picture which was highly enjoyable throughout.  All I have to say is… “Aye Aye Captain”.

Rating – 10/10


2 thoughts on “Captain Phillips (Cinema Screening)

  1. Agree with you 100% – this was a super film, and Hanks is amazing. That final scene alone is oscar worthy – an amazing piece of acting; though he was superb all the way through the film, he just blew me away at the end.

    As I said I on twitter I was feeling quite sick towards the end, I wish I had taken my motion sickness tablets!

    Great review and I gave it 5/5

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