How To Train Your Dragon 2 (Cinema Screening)


I only manged to watch How To Train Your Dragon a few weeks ago, despite this I was really impressed giving it a perfect rating. It is easily a contender for my favourite animation ever, but just like Hiccup has now developed with the addition of some stubble, so does this sequel, How To Train Your Dragon 2 develops further from the original and for me is an even better outing!

Well to start with this sequel has everything that was good about the first film included again. The great cast returns including such names as Gerard Butler, Jonah Hill and Jay Baruchel all continuing to help create the characters that we grew to love in the first film. Again we get to feast our eyes on some awesome looking dragons, none more cool than Toothless himself. However there are once again some fantastic new designs present, I was really impressed with that of the Alpha. These designs were such a strength of the first movie and as with most aspects has been built upon well to create an even stronger film. Also on offer once again is a fantastic score that helps bring life to the island of Berk and all its surrounding lands.

I think it is quite possible that Hiccup and Toothless are the coolest animated characters ever. There is something quite wonderful about their relationship, for me it easily puts other famous animated duos to shame. Buzz and Woody, Shrek and Donkey – I’m sorry as good as you are I don’t think you can compete. I found myself wondering what this film would look like if it was a live action film, the animation was that good it was able to really bring the story to life for me. What’s more I loved how this film deals with emotion and relationships, it has a deepness to it that is pretty special yet it never becomes slow or depressing something that several live action films this year have got so wrong. There was a stage about 30 minutes before the end of the film that I actually thought was going to be the ending. With Hiccup’s Father just having died and with Drago having captured all of the dragons I thought it was going to have been left at this and at that wide open for another installment! I thought this would have been an interesting turn for an animation and would have made a statement, of course I was really happy with the actual ending. However I would have liked to have seen the movie end here as there would have been a bravery and a certain originality that would surround it, ultimately this wasn’t to be but it in no way detracted from the brilliance of this scene.

2014 is the year of the sequels it seems and HTTYD2 continues this theme, being stronger than its predecessor and just making me want another chapter of this story to be released. The humour is also there again and this film features a lot of genuine laughs. HTTYD2 continues what the first film set in place, these films are animations that I in now way feel childish watching, I loved them both and think that they are brilliant films that should be leading the way for future animations.

BIGGEST FLAW – Frustrating me, as I just want everything in this movie to be real

BIGGEST ACHIEVEMENT – Hiccup and Toothless, they are just so badass

Rating – 10/10


4 thoughts on “How To Train Your Dragon 2 (Cinema Screening)

  1. Great review, if having a dragon was a possibility I would totally sign up for one. Toothless is just one of the greatest animated creatures of all time and would be so much fun in real life!

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