Search Party (Cinema Screening)

search_party_xxlg(spoiler free)

So this year has already seen its fair share of terrible comedies and we aren’t even half way through the year yet! There is always room for more though and Search Party is just that, a terrible comedy. I saw nothing but this poster before watching the movie and the only cast members I recognised were Adam Pally and T.J. Miller.

Calling this movie a comedy is a stretch, I didn’t laugh once, not once in the entire film! Adam Pally best know for playing Max in American sit-com Happy Endings and T.J. Miller are talented actors but the material here is just so awful that their usual likeability can’t even save Search Party. In the films first half an hour it feels like an extended version of one of those rubbish American sit-coms that gets cancelled after one season however as things progressed that comparison wasn’t even accurate as Search Party is just a shambles. If the constant penis shots weren’t enough, then the donkey throwing up will probably do it for you as Search Party scrapes the bottom of the comedy barrel throughout in order to achieve laughs but never succeeding. There are even some cameos and smaller roles from American comedy actresses which whilst intended to give the film a burst of humour simply do the opposite. At times the film can be amusing and I will admit that I never became bored, which I was surprised about. However, any credibility that the film had nearing the conclusion was destroyed by the vulgar, unnecessary and unfunny song that is used at the end, like really if you haven’t got the audience on board by now do you really think such a cheap feature as this is going to work?

Search Party is a waste of time, it’s not even getting a second paragraph in the main body of this review as there just isn’t much point in talking about it. Whilst it’s amusing throughout it fails to induce laughter at any point and the final scene is such a low moment in the film that it will tarnish any positives that you may have found. This Hangover rip-off fails on almost every level, don’t give it your money.

Rating – 2.5/10


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