Now You See Me (Cinema Screening)



Ever since I saw the trailer for this movie I knew it was one I wanted to make sure that I went to see when it was released.  It looked like a really interesting concept and something fresh amongst the usual heist films. The ensemble of big names in the cast also intrigued me.

I was somewhat satisfied with what I ended up watching.  I always had reservations about ‘Now You See Me’ as I always said that all the tricks would need to be explained or they could just do anything.  Most were explained but there was still loads that weren’t which annoyed me at times. One of the final lines was clearly only included for this issue as well – “Some things are better left unexplained.” Nahh I would rather know how everything was done in a film like this! And what was that bit at the end all about with the merry go round, I just didn’t get that!

In regards to the cast it was a real mixed bag, I enjoyed the performances from Woody Harrelson and Dave Franco who were great, most of the others did a decent job too but at times Jesse Eisenberg was really irritating. Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman were slightly disappointing as well which I never thought I would say.

You may think I have been quite negative so far, however there were parts to this film that I really enjoyed.  The best part of the entire movie is the action sequence lead by Dave Franco, its a fast paced sequence which is a breath of fresh air in amongst all the tricks. Dave Franco should definitely venture into some kind of action genre because he was great in this part. Unfortunately though the film was pretty predictable at points, that is up until the end.  I was sitting in the cinema all pleased with myself as I thought I had the whole thing sussed but the decision to have Mark Ruffalo’s character Rhodes be the 5th Horseman (which by the way I thought was a rubbish name for the group) was such a surprise.

Mark Ruffalo was pretty good in this but some of his scenes with the French contact, Dray where painfully boring and half way through the movie it just felt that the whole picture was made up of lots of different conversations between the pair and the love story between them was so weak it felt forced at times just for the purpose of the ending.

BIGGEST FLAW – Rhodes and Dray’s boring interactions

BIGGEST ACHIEVEMENT – Dave Franco’s action scene

In conclusion Now You See Me was worth seeing, there were some really clever moments along the way which amused but overall I felt a little let down, not all of the cast were great and between the boring dialogue and mystery of some tricks I feel there were too many flaws to be ignored.

Rating – 6/10


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